Efficiency and Fun In The Kitchen With A Food Processor

Everyone likes to eat, but no one likes to be stuck over their cutting board trying to get the perfect dice on their vegetables. Onions also bring their own peril as dodging the inevitable rain of tears is always an adventure. This is just one of the many reasons that people go out and buy a food processor for their kitchen. These appliances have a number of benefits as they are practical, convenient, easy to use, and they wind up saving you a lot of time doing some of the more mundane kitchen tasks that make cooking a home made meal less fun.

If you have been searching for a food processing machine for your kitchen then you have found that there are quite a few options to choose from. Fortunately, there are a number of quality choices out there and finding something that feeds your needs and your budget should not be all that difficult. We have singled out just a few of the better food processors that we feel can really help you enjoy your kitchen a little more and help you get the job done a lot faster.

Cuisinart DFP-14BCN

If you cook often or you cook for a lot of people then this may be the perfect model for you. This workhorse has a very large mixing bowl that has a 14 cup capacity. Cuisinart typically makes some of the highest rated food processors and it continues to be a top option. The DFP-14BCN offers users a powerful motor, stainless steel cutting discs, in a basic no frills design. This particular model delivers excellent value for everything that it can do for you. While it may lack in its design aspect (kind of dated looks) it makes up for it in performance. This food processor is extremely reliable and it should provide years of mixing, cutting, dicing, chopping and slicing. Simple to use and easy to clean, this Cuisinart appliance is sure to get a lot of use in just about any kitchen.

Breville BFP800XL Sous Chef

This is the ultimate in modern food processors as it features all of the bells and whistles plus the polished looks that make this model so desirable. It has a hefty 1200Watt motor that can cut, slice, mix, and dice through just about any type of food that is dropped into it. It has two different sized bowls with a large 16 cup capacity to handle any sized task. It comes with an LCD display and sleek styling to make this appliance a real eye catcher in just about any kitchen. Unfortunately, it also comes with a rather steep price tag. It’s modern design and superior performance will cost you around $400 so this is obviously not going to be for everyone. But it does make a great gift!

Cuisinart DLC-2007N

This is a great mid-range option for those looking for their first food processor. It can usually be found online for under $100 and it is a great performer at its price point. It only features a 7 cup capacity bowl, but unless you are cooking for a large number of people this should be more than adequate for your recipes. It also has a robust motor and the quality stainless steel cutting discs that Cuisinart is known for. It has a more modern look than some of their other established models so it will look better on your countertop. An excellent choice for first time buyers.

Black and Decker FP1600B

This is an excellent choice for anyone on a tight budget. It has a 8 cup capacity bowl that can handle most of the requirements of just about any recipe. With simple controls and functionality, this model food processor can still help you save a lot of time in the kitchen without being a hassle to operate. It usually runs around $40, so it is not that big of an investment and it provides terrific value for amateur chefs.

More Reviews

As always, it is important to do your own research when shopping for new small kitchen appliances. See which models perform best for owners and which machines that users rate the highest. An excellent resource to get a jump start on getting one of these time saving machines for your kitchen is to examine popular reviews and find which models are the best performing for owners. Getting one of these food processing units for your home can really help you enjoy the entire cooking experience more as well as save you time. If you love to cook but you are not too enthused about the work involved then getting a food processor is something may change your outlook.

Turning Around Your Nutritional Needs With A Juicer

Juicing is one of the best ways to receive vital nutrients that are essential for optimum health. Many people invest in a juicer but lose enthusiasm for over time. However, mixing up your juice recipes can spice things up a bit as well as provide the health benefits that you were looking for when you bought a juicer. Below are some things that you can try that both taste great and offer your body a positive jolt.

Quick And Easy Green Juice

3 Celery Sticks
6 Kale Leaves
3 Green Apples
1 Unpeeled Lemon

The only preparation that is needed to create Quick And Easy Green Juice is to chop the celery sticks, slice the apples and cut the lemon in half. Total preparation time is likely to be a minute or two at most. All of the ingredients should then be juiced and served immediately.

The main health benefits in this juice come from the celery and kale. The apples and lemon are more to make the juice taste nice although they do contain vitamins and minerals. The celery offers a wide range of health benefits. It has an anti-inflammatory effect which will bring relief to people who suffer from joint pain, asthma and other conditions resulting in inflammation. The celery also contains minerals which are shown to be stress relievers such as magnesium. Kale is high in fiber and also rich in components which support the immune system. Kale also supports healthy liver functioning which has a detoxifying effect on the body.

Super Simple Carrot and Kale Juice

6 Chopped Carrots
4 Kale Leaves

This is one of the simplest healthy juices in existence but one which has many benefits. Simply blend the carrots and kale and serve immediately.

Carrots are incredibly rich in beta-carotene. This acts as a natural antioxidant which has been shown to help slow and reverse cell damage which occurs as a result of aging. Carrots can also have a detoxifying effect on the body as they are rich in Vitamin A. Vitamin A has been shown to help the body remove toxins from circulation. The kale present in this juice can help to fight cancer. This benefit results from the fact that it is rich in organosulfur. The kale also aids with efficient and healthy digestion due to the fact it is high in fiber.

Tomato and Greens Detox Juice

3 Tomatoes
4 Green Lettuce Leaves
1 Radish
6 Sprigs of Parsley
Half An Unpeeled lemon

This juice is packed with healthy ingredients and also has a deliciously rich and complex taste due to the presence of the parsley and radish.

The parsley found in this juice offers far more than just taste. Regular consumption of parsley has been shown to help the heart and blood pressure. This is due to the fact it is rich in folic acid. It also supports correct kidney functioning due to its ability to help the body rid itself of excess levels of fluid. Parsley is also packed with various vitamins such as B, C and K. These offer benefits for the immune system, nervous system and bones. The tomatoes in this juice offer high levels of lycopene which can significantly reduce the risk of heart disease. They are also a great source of Vitamin C. The phosphorous and zinc present in radishes helps skin to look healthy and free of blemishes.

Heavenly Healthy Fruit Juice

10 Strawberries
Half A Pineapple
2 Oranges

The only preparation that is needed ahead of making this juice is to peel the orange. This is due to the fact that orange peel can be damaging to some juicers. It is a great idea to scrape the peel for the pith however as this is rich in nutrients.

One of the enzymes present in pineapple is called bromelain which has been proven to act as a powerful anti-inflammatory agent. This makes this juice an excellent choice for people suffering with joint pains and other associated inflammation issues. The red color that is distinctive to strawberries is partly explained by the presence of chemicals known as anthocyanins. These have been proven to help the body burn the fat it has stored which makes this juice a great aid to a weight loss plan. The biotin found in strawberries offers myriad benefits for the skin and hair. Everyone knows that the oranges found in this Heavenly Healthy Fruit Juice are a great source of vitamin C. They also offer great levels of potassium which helps ensure the heart functions correctly.

Juicing is a great way to overcome years of bad dietary habits. Fresh nutrients from fruits and vegetables can do wonders for the body, and hopefully some of the recipes above can help you try new things with your juicer. I am a juicing addict and will have a few more posts on this topic in the future. Happy juicing.

Here is a great video that discusses a host of different health benefits that you can achieve just by juicing.