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 Vol. 18, No. 10
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May 21, 2015

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Basking in the sun

Marc Donadieu/Turnagain Times

Stellar sea lions rest on pillow basalt near the end of the Resurrection Peninsula and Resurrection Bay near Seward. A pup nurses on the left and a bull rests on the right.

Front Page Articles
Vol. 18, #10 05/21/15

> Girdwood Fire Chief announces retirement at GBOS meeting
Policing needs, fluoridation in August and concerns over Alaska Cannabis Cup discussed
Public safety was the theme of the evening at the May 18 Girdwood Board of Supervisors meeting. Girdwood Fire Chief William Chadwick unexpectedly announced that he would be retiring next year in April . . .

> Major Marine's May tour offers views of a diversity of marine wildlife in Resurrection Bay
By Marc Donadieu | Turnagain Times
The Resurrection Bay Gray Whale Cruise by Major Marine Tours is an early season trip to view California gray whales in their brief, annual return to Prince William Sound. The whales are coming from Baja, Calif . . .

> Fisheries Service releases Cook Inlet Beluga Draft Recovery Plan
By Marc Donadieu | Turnagain Times
The National Marine Fisheries Service released its long awaited Draft Recovery Plan for the Cook Inlet Beluga Whale on May 14. The 289-page report is a comprehensive document covering the beluga's history . . .

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