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April 21, 2011

moose passings
Moose Passings


Photo courtesy of Deanna Thomas

Girl Scouts watch volunteer Dave Lindquist as he starts a fire during a Fire Building Station.

moose passings 2

Photo courtesy of Deanna Thomas

Seward and Moose Pass Girl Scouts at Outdoor Skills Day at Moose Pass School.


Moose Pass Junior
Girl Scouts Outdoor Skills Day

The Junior Girl Scouts had an Outdoor Skills Day at the community hall with Girl Scouts from Seward and Moose Pass. There were approximately 45 girls in attendance. There were five stations and volunteers:

Dutch Oven Cooking - Hilary Bean, Shelly Jackson and Deanna Thomas

Fire Building - Dave Lindquist

Tents and storm lashing - Leon Hood and Lydia Thomas

First Aid - Moose Pass Fire Department members Ruth Da’mico and Gail Johnson

Knot Tying - Mark Thomas and Pete Toloff

The girls made pizza in Dutch ovens, learned many valuable skills and went home with a first aid kit and knot cards with rope.

U.S. Forest Service Winter News

Snow Conditions in the Moose Pass/Seward area are as follows:

Lost Lake: good-bye ice, hello 1.5’ of heavy, wet snow. Primrose: four inches of new snow make another fine trail up the first hill. Heading north over.

Divide (five new inches today) snowfall is much less.

Moose Pass to Hope: 2” new snow.

Carter Lake: Great trail conditions.

Cooper Landing: Trace.

Russian River Camp Ground remains a great ski.

Resurrection Pass including winter access via Slaughter Ridge Road and West Juneau Road: Excellent conditions. Watch out for overflow, and thinning of ice at inlets and outlets on all lakes. Rivers and Creek ice is rapidly diminishing. Though the new snow is tempting, this is not the time to head into areas exposing yourself to slopes that may Avalanche. Continue to check out the following links for additional information:




Russian River Camp Ground and Lower Russian Lakes Trail: Enjoy one last weekend of fun skiing in the campground. The first mile has been walked heavily, easier to ski from 1:P.M. on. Second mile is melting rapidly as are all loops.  Trail to the Falls and Barber cabin are fabulous.

Begin using the summer trail now, though winter trail is holding up well, summer trail is easier and we are not worried about too much snow coming down from the chutes, has already slid much, though, still keep heads up.

This is the time of year we begin having slides down to the ground, bringing rocks and mud.

Resurrection Pass Trail: Access via Slaughter Ridge Road and Bean Creek Trail from the south is holding up well. Don’t want to use West Juneau if you’re pulling a pulk as this is mostly south facing and wide open, lots of gravel beginning to show.

Packed trail from Cooper Landing to Hope.

Lost Lake: Access from all points of entry this weekend still open for the coming weekend.

Lakes/CreeksRivers: Plan each step, ski, forward movement with caution. Though there are some fabulous conditions to be had on frozen bodies of water, enough cannot be said about going with a buddy.

Trail River Camp Ground has been groomed by Jason, perhaps for the last time? Yesterday, regardless, this is still a wonderful ski, fast and furious in the early hours, softer and sweet from 12:00pm on.

Carter Lake: Don’t let the little bit of bare ground in the beginning fool you, lots of snow just around the bend.

Moose Pass Open Gym

The Moose Pass School will be open on Sundays from 6-7:30 p.m. for Family Time with assorted games, on Tuesday 6:30-8 p.m. for adult volleyball and on Wednesday from 3:15-4:15 p.m. for grade K-8 for assorted games. For more information and a calendar of open gym times contact Erin Knotek at ekmk@arctic.net.

Open gym times may vary due to Erin’s travel schedule. Please contact Erin to confirm dates and times. Open gym will be February through May 1st.

Moose Pass School April Important Dates and Events


Mon. 25-Cross Country after school

Tues.26-Anchorage Symphony Youth Concert Field Trip (leave at 9:30am)

Wed.27-Guest Speaker: Fire Prevention (U.S. Forest Service) (1:00pm)

Thurs. 28-“RAP-Punzel” performance (7:00pm)

Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly Report April 5

We began at 10:30 a.m. with a budget work session with Finance Director Craig Chapman, Mayor Carey. Mayor Carey will be presenting his budget to the assembly at the May 3 meeting.

We appear to have a approximately two million dollar short-fall, and potential fixes that were discussed included increasing fees for services, using money from the Land Trust Fund or from the Fund Balance, the potential repeal of the non-prepared food tax exemption, bonding for the Homer transfer station and increasing the sales tax cap.

At the committee meetings, we heard a telephonic presentation from Kathy Lea, Div of Retirement and Benefits for the State on PERS termination studies.

We also had a teleconference with our legislative delegation, with updates on bills of interest. At the regular meeting, we witnessed a presentation of “Classroom Without Walls” from three area World History teachers. They are able to remotely co-present relevant lessons to each other’s schools and to other schools, such as the school in Hope. In the Mayor’s Report, Mayor Carey announced Mark Dickson as the new General Services Director to begin on April 25.

Also, it was noted that Brice Construction will be ending their current operations at the Seward rock quarry, but have the area ready for further production. At committee, he also discussed the tsunami warning system problems, and stated that the federally controlled warnings might take a year to fix. We heard 11 resolutions, all but 3 passing on the consent agenda. Four ordinances were up for public hearing.

We adopted the comprehensive plan for the City of Soldotna in Ordinance 2011-05. Ordinance 2011-03, amending code to repeal the seasonal exemption from sales taxes of non-prepared food items, was passed after a 6-3 vote amending it to have the question placed on the Oct. 4 ballot. It should be noted that this exemption was approved by the voters in 2008.

If repealed, the sales taxes generated, as with all sales taxes, would go to funding the borough school district. Coming up at our next meeting is an ordinance appropriating $750,000 from the Central Peninsula Hospital Plant fund for improvements of the Mundell Building.

Set for hearing on May 3 is Ordinance 2010-19-42 accepting and appropriating $151,271 from the US Dept of Interior for a Seward weather and ocean-observing project, to be sub granted to the Alaska Sea Life Center. Also at that meeting: Ordinance 2011-06 which would increase the borough sales tax cap from $500 to $2500, Ordinance 2011-07 reducing the KPB Planning Commission from 13 to 11 members, and Ordinance 2011-08 waiving voter approval for the Homer solid waste transfer facility capital improvement project. Our next meeting will be April 19 in Seward, at the council chambers.

As always, further information is available at www.borough.kenai.ak.us, and you can reach me at 224-6784 or suemccl@gmail.com. Another good resource for information on borough business is the Seward Borough Annex office in the Seaview Plaza building.


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