The Fun Upside Of Owning Your Own Home Ice Cream Machine

While there is nothing worse than being stuck on a hot muggy day with a bunch of kids that just want to complain about everything, there is a simple way to simmer them down. Making your own homemade ice cream is a great way to keep them occupied while saving some pennies in the process. While you do not need your own machine to make your ice frozen desserts, it sure does help. To get the most out of the experience with the least amount of work we suggest buying one of these affordable small appliances to use in the kitchen.

Looking through ice cream maker reviews it is plain to see that the top rated machines are rather budget friendly. Another great thing about getting your own machine is that most of them are able to make things other than ice cream such as gelato, sorbet, and smoothies. You could literally have a different treat every day of the week for a year and not have the same thing twice.

If you are looking for a new home ice cream machine there are three basic types of automatic makers that you can buy. First there is the old fashioned kind that requires you to use ice and salt on the outside of the mixing bowl. As the bowl turns these two ingredients help slow down the freezing process so that the perfect ice crystals or formed to make tasty ice cream. These tend to be the least expensive models.

Second, there are models that forgo the ice and the salt and have you freeze the bowl for a few hours to get the bowl down to the proper temperature. These are the most popular since they are less messy to use and are very affordable.

Lastly, there is the kind that comes with its own compressor which is used to apply the cold temperature to the bowl directly. You do not have to freeze it before using. According to this is considered the best option to satisfy cravings instantly since you can whip up a tasty batch whenever you get the urge. This added component also makes the machine drastically more expensive. Whichever kind that you choose, having the ability to make your own delicious treats in your own kitchen is well worth it.

The Recipes Never End

If you love to experiment with different flavors or you like to try different types of desserts, then getting one of these machines can be a lot of fun. There really is no limit on what you can create. Below are just a couple of quick recipes that you can try.

Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream


8 oz. cream cheese
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1/2 cup sugar
1 1/2 Tablespoons lemon juice
3/4 cup half and half
1 1/2 cups pureed strawberries


Blend all of these ingredients until smooth. Use a blender or a food processor for this. Chill the ingredients for about an hour. Pour mixture into an ice cream maker. Set the timer according to your ice cream makers directions but approximately thirty minutes.

If you have allergies to lactose or dairy products then try making this recipe instead. It is a light refreshing sorbet made with tropical fruits.

Pineapple, Mango and Peach Sorbet


2 1/2 cups peach pieces, diced
1 1/2 cups mango, diced
1/3 cup lime juice
3/4 cup sugar
1/2 cup crushed pineapple, drained


Mix together two cups of the diced peaches, the mango also diced, the lime juice, and the sugar in a food processor or blender. Blend until its smooth. Pour into a bowl and stir in the remainder of the diced peaches and the crushed pineapple. Then pour this mixture into the ice cream maker. Set it for thirty minutes and check to see if its thickened. Spoon into plastic containers for the freezer to firm up.

If you are a sorbet addict like we are, then you might be interest in some other tasty sorbet recipes to try in your ice cream maker. There are a number of machines available that are able to make more than just ice cream, and sorbet is often something that a lot of the top models can handle.

Are There Any Drawbacks To Buying an Ice Cream Maker?

While no machine is going to be perfect for everyone, there are a few things to keep in mind before making getting one of these for your family. First, the consistency of the ice cream is going to be on the softer side. If you like yours to be a little bit firmer you will have to put it in the freezer for an hour are so to let it harden. While this is not ideal for those with intense cravings, the extra time will be worth it.

Also if you choose to go for a more affordable model, you will have to freeze the bowl before using. The best way to avoid getting stuck having to wait for the bowl to freeze whenever you get the urge to make something is to make some room for it in your freezer and just keep it in there full time. That way when you decided to make something tasty, the bowl will be ready for you to start mixing. If this is not an appealing option you can always get an ice cream maker that has its own compressor, however these machines come with a heftier price tag. Its the price you have to pay for the ultimate convenience.

Other than that, there is really no huge downside that should deter you from at least trying this out in your home. Kids absolutely love helping out, especially when they get to taste the final product. For a fun and indulgent family activity, there is perhaps nothing better than making ice cream on a hot summer day.

How To Eat Better And Cheaper While In College

Eating out every night is something that most college students seem to prefer. It offers a nice break from the pressures from school, requires no work to get an amazing meal, and is a great social experience. However, it can be quite costly and over time it can really do damage to your credit cards. There are alternatives that will allow you to eat better while also saving some money. We understand how expensive higher education can be, your meals is somewhere you can save a little. Here are some ways to limit your expenses without starving yourself.

College Meal Plans

If you live in a dorm you this may be a requirement. If you are currently on a meal plan make sure that you get the absolute most out of it.There are usually some options on the type of plan to choose depending on how many meals you anticipate eating. Give this some thought. If you are not a breakfast eater or you only need two meals a day then don’t go for the largest option.

Don’t skip any meals if you can avoid it. If you are on a plan that gives you two meals a day you can also try and sneak some food out to snack on later. It is probably against the rules, but taking a plastic ziplock bag with you can be a doable option. Make sure to read the rules however as you don’t want to put your meal plan in any sort of jeopardy.

Learn How To Cook

This is the perfect opportunity to sharpen your cooking skills. We all have to start somewhere, and being out on our own for the first time is a terrific place to start. This is the time when most young adults learn to fend for themselves and go grocery shopping. Making homemade meals is almost always going to be less expensive than eating out, plus you get to choose the ingredients that you like.

If you do not live somewhere with a full kitchen then getting a toaster oven is a must. If you think these are just for toast then you are missing out on this small kitchen appliance. With a countertop oven you will be able to cook amazing meals for one or two people. Roasted chicken, barbecue ribs, casseroles, baked pasta, and of course the college staple of pizza. Go through some recent toaster oven reviews to see which countertop oven makes the most sense for your budget. They are a sound investment with a long list of advantages for students looking for an easy way to get home cooking.

If you have a stove top then it is time to also get some pots and pans. You can usually find these pretty cheap at Walmart. Now it is time to find your appreciation for pasta. This is one of the simplest meals to make. A jar of ready made pasta sauce and a box of pasta will probably set you back around $4 and you should be able to squeeze two or three meals out of this. You may think that you will get bored of this but there are plenty of different sauces and pasta recipes to choose from to keep things interesting for awhile. When I was in college we used to live on Ramen noodles, but that was until I discovered a pasta sauce that I truly loved. To this day this is one of my go to meals when I want something easy and cheap to make.

Finding recipes is also a lot easier these days as Youtube is full of guides that will teach you how to make some nutritious and cheap meals. Don’t overlook this as a resource. Find something you are interested in trying and make a shopping list from the ingredients. Do this for a few recipes so that you can get all of the items you will need from the store in one trip.

Drink Water And Snack More

In between meals there is nothing as healthy as drinking some water and snacking on non-junk food. This will not only give you energy but it will also fill you up and take the edge off of your hunger. Granola bars, salad, fruits and vegetables are your best options as far as nutrition, but they do sound a little boring. Avoid the temptation of salty and sugary foods.

Drinking water is just as important. Staying hydrated will not only help your mind stay focused but it is a great way to curb your appetite. There is almost nothing better for you than water and it should not be hard to find a water fountain on campus. Fill up some spare water bottles and take them back to the dorm. Easy and cheap alternative to soda and other sugary drinks.

Student Functions

Keep an eye out of the bulletin boards on campus. There are a number of student functions throughout the year that provide some sort of free meal. Always take advantage of a free dinner, barbecue or breakfast when you can.

Avoid Temptation

It is real easy to give in to the temptation of hopping into your favorite local grill and splurging on a meal that you do not have to make for yourself. Making a monthly budget and sticking to it is going to be its own reward. Putting in the extra effort to cook for yourself and get free meals when you can will pay off in the long run. Stick to your guns and remember that you can still eat well with some forward planning and a little extra effort. Just remember to eat healthy.

Which Type Of Juicing Machine Is Ideal For Green Veggies?

Juicing fruits and vegetables is one of the quickest and most convenient ways to get your daily dose of the vitamins and minerals. Doing so will help your body get what it needs to thrive. For years most people seemed to dismiss juicers as some sort of fad for granola loving hippies, but this is no longer the case. More and more people have realized just how healthy making your own fresh juice in the comfort of your home can benefit them, and the juicer is now a mainstream kitchen appliance. There are two main kinds of juicing methods for both vegetables and fruits, each with their own advantages and disadvantages.

Centrifugal juicers are extremely fast at getting the job done, but they are not the most efficient. They can also be extremely loud. Masticating juicers, on the other hand, can deliver a higher quality juice. It can get the maximum out of a wide range of foods. Even though all of the juicing machines ranked on will help you improve your diet, masticating machines will help maximize your efforts. This is especially true when it comes to juicing greens like spinach and kale.

Masticating Juicer Breakdown

These types of juicing method is a slower process. You drop whatever food you want to juice down a feed tube where an auger turns to methodically crush it into smaller pieces. The auger is shaped like a screw, and as it turns the food is pushed along by its blades. At the end of the auger there is tremendous pressure built up as the pulp is restricted. This pressure is what squeezes the juice out of the crushed pulp. Cold press juicing separate the juice from the pulp without any extra heat being included in the process.


Even though it is not as fast of a process as that found in centrifugal juicers, it is a much more quiet method of juicing. The slow moving motor produces less noise to move the auger than centrifugal juicers use to move their cutting discs at high rates of speed.

The lower speeds also do not put as much air into the juice, which reduces oxidation. Oxidation will speed up the rate at which the juice will spoil. Juice made with a masticating machine will stay fresh for a longer period of time than that made with a centrifugal machine. This allows the juice to be stored for a few days and does not require it to be consumed immediately.

Masticating juicers also produce higher juice yields. They get more juice out of the pulp, in general, than centrifugal juicers. This higher efficiency means less juice is wasted. It makes it more economical over the long run. These types of juicers also tend to get more juice from the parts of the produce closer to the skin. These parts are more nutrient dense, creating a higher quality juice.


This method of juicing is also going to be slower. The feed chutes on these machines are typically not that big which means that fruits and vegetables must be sliced into tinier pieces. These are not ideal juicers where time constraints may be a concern. Newer masticating juicer models, like the Omega NC800 or the Kuvings B6000, have started to introduce larger feed chutes to make the juicing process much more convenient. These two models are two of the top rated masticating options that you can buy. They continue to get tremendous user reviews for the quality of juice they produce.

Masticating machines are typically more expensive than centrifugal juicers. It is much more of an investment up front. The higher juice yields will make up for the price difference in the long run as you will be able to get more juice from the produce you buy. There are certain manufactures that do offer extra long warranties to make the initial investment less of a risk. Omega juicers, for example, usually come with a 10 year or 15 year warranty on their masticating juice extractors.

Is This The Right Juicer For You?

Everyone has their own personal needs. When it comes to juicers, it all comes down to what you hope to get out of your new machine. If time and convenience are primary concerns, then a masticating juicer may not be the best choice. However, for those that have a little more time to spare and are willing to put in a few extra minutes to get a higher quality juice, then a masticating juicer may be the better option. All juicers have their pros and cons, so some research is needed to find the right juicer for you.